Place your Annex Fuel Treatment or Gas Treatment order here to improve fuel savings! No more stressful trips to the gas station.

Extra Mileage
Extra Benefit!

Increase your mileage of the car and reduce the risks of engine overheat. Safe Drive on road.

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Annex Radiator Coolant (Free Flusher)

Annex Coolant is very high profile radiator concentrated coolant for all types of vehicle. This is anti rust formula USA Technology.

Annex Coolant is one of the best all-round brands, offering a wide range of products for passenger cars, bikes, marine vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles. Its multi-vehicle formula works for almost any coolant system and offers long-lasting protection for aluminum and bare iron parts, as well as seals and gaskets.

Annex Fuel Octane Booster

Key Benefits:

  • Maximizes Octane Levels: Elevate your fuel quality to unleash the full potential of your engine.
  • Boosts Engine Performance: Say goodbye to sluggish rides and hello to a smoother, more powerful driving experience.
  • Extends Engine Life: Annex Fuel Octane Booster helps maintain engine cleanliness and enhances longevity.
    Improved Mileage:
  • Get more out of every drop with increased fuel efficiency.

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